UT Zoom and AI

External AI Bots in UT Zoom Meetings


By default, meetings created on UT Zoom will require authentication for all participants and will not allow external accounts including AI bots. However, if you have disabled authentication requirements (or allowed non-UT Zoom accounts with "Sign in to Zoom" selected), you may receive Waiting Room notifications that a bot (such as OtterPilot) is requesting to be allowed in.

  • You may deny AI bots or any other external guests' requests ad hoc if your Waiting Room automatically places external accounts in the Waiting Room. 
  • If a bot enters your meeting, you may remove it manually by clicking Remove next to the bot's name. This will dismiss a participant from the meeting. They won't be able to rejoin unless you allow participants to rejoin
  • You can block specific bots by using the section below to block Domains from entering your meetings


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Blocking AI bots from your public meetings and webinars


1. Go to your Zoom settings
2. In the meeting tab, search "Block users in specific domains from joining meetings and webinars" and enable the slider
3. Click the pencil icon to edit the list and include the domains of the AI accounts that may be attempting to join (example: "otter.ai, read.ai")
4. Click Save

Highlighting of the blocked domains feature


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