Download Zoom Recordings

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Zoom MFA

Downloading Your Recordings from the Zoom Cloud: 

  1. Click Sign In at using your UT EID and Password.  

  • This may require Duo for Multi-Factor Authentication.  

Zoom Sign In


  1. Select Recordings on the left to show a list of your Cloud Recordings. Click on the title of the event you want to download.  

Zoom Cloud Recordings



  1. To download the recording, hover over the Shared Screen with Speaker View listed in the files and click the download icon ​​to download the recording to your device's Downloads folder.​​

  • “Shared Screen with Speaker View” Is the default layout for Cloud Recordings. There may be multiple video layouts listed, and each will be a separate video file. You only need to download the versions you wish to keep.   

Zoom Shared Screen with Speaker View


  • Note: Zoom’s video file sizes can range from around 300 - 800MB per hour for each video, so you may require multiple GBs of storage space and data for multiple videos. Please ensure you have sufficient empty space on your device and try to use an internet connection without a data cap if you are downloading large volumes. The time to download will vary based on the recording length and your internet connection.