Zoom and HIPAA Compliance

Users of UT Austin's Zoom instance who require HIPAA compliance for video conferencing may now have these features enabled upon request. Users must be aware of their responsibilities with respect to patient privacy, and must only share or communicate PHI with individuals authorized to receive the information. 

Usage of a HIPAA-compliant Zoom account is contingent upon meeting university and departmental requirements for HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA-compliant users have a different set of features available to them:

  •     End-To-End Encryption is enabled and enforced for the meetings you host
    • Meeting co-hosts must also have a HIPAA compliant Zoom account
  •     Cloud Recording is not available for meetings you host, and past cloud recordings become unavailable
  •     Participant data is removed from Zoom reports for all meetings you host
  •     Encrypted Chat enabled and enforced
  •     Screen capture and image transfer are disabled in chat
  •     HIPAA-compliant accounts will appear as Guest Users when participating in meetings scheduled by users in the main Zoom instance
    • Guest Users are placed in the waiting room and require admittance by the host

Note: HIPAA compliance features like those listed above are only available for Zoom meetings hosted by a HIPAA-compliant account. HIPAA compliance security features are not available for meetings hosted by someone with a non-HIPAA Zoom account.


How do I request HIPAA compliance features be added to my Zoom account?

To request a HIPAA-compliant Zoom account, send a request to zoom@utexas.edu

HIPAA compliance and Canvas

Faculty needing a HIPAA compliant Zoom account for instructional purposes cannot use the default Zoom/Canvas integration. An alternative integration is available for these instructors - ITS recommends consulting with the Faculty Innovation Center (https://facultyinnovate.utexas.edu/contact-us) to determine the best options available.

If you need a HIPAA compliant Zoom account, please email zoom@utexas.edu with the subject "HIPAA Zoom Account Request"


After ITS enables HIPAA compliance features for my account, what happens?

1. Once HIPAA compliance features have been enabled for your Zoom account, log out of any existing Zoom sessions, then navigate to https://utexas.zoom.us/​​​ and click Sign In to log in with your EID.
2. When prompted, click "Switch to the New Account", then click "I Acknowledge and Switch".

3. You will receive an email notification at your official University email address, from no-reply@zoom.us.

Note: It can take up to 1 hour to receive your account switch invitiation email. During that time period, you will be unable to access your Zoom account. 

4. Open the email and click "Switch to the new account". This will open a browser window.
5. Click "I Acknowledge and Switch" one last time.  HIPAA compliance features are now enabled on your UT Austin Zoom account.

Note: HIPAA compliant features like those listed above are only available for Zoom meetings scheduled by a HIPAA account. Meetings scheduled by someone with a non-HIAPA Zoom account, security features will not be available.